How Does It Works?

Our system works automatically to a set of rules that we have agreed to. Our system brain will then remind you on any missing data or other scheduled tasks, while monitoring your whole system and warning you in case any problem arises.

1. Preparation and Adaptation

The flow of the process of preparation and adaptation of your system.


Business Process Analysis

First up, we will analyze how you run your HR and payroll departments and break them down into points of complexity. In this stage, we also provide recommendations to optimize your system.

System Implementation

After we completed our analysis and you agreed to our mapping, we will then begin sculpting your system.


System Live Run

We will provide training sessions at the beginning of the installation system. We will also conduct live checks, just in case we have misintepreted things.

2. Subscription Period

The flow of the process when the system is fully operating.


Data Input

While the system will run lots of tasks for you, the system will need a little amount of constant information and feedbacks from your team, such as overtime data, leaves, permissions, etc.

End of Period Closing

When you have completed the necessary data of a period, the system will then recommend you a closing.


Final Report

Only then, you can reap the reward of clean and easy to access reports.


PT. TABULASI AKURAT DIGIFIDO is a company specialized in payroll calculation services and systems. Established in 2012 in the creative city of Bandung, as the urgent need for an accurate and professional payroll system, the company has seen a growing number of clients.

ADDRESS: Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.146, 3rd Floor, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo,
Bandung City, West Java 40173

PHONE: +62-851-0358-9119